Nordnes and the Bryggen seafront

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Not many cities have the UNESCO World Heritage sights right around the corner. Sometimes when I run in Bergen I have to remind myself how lucky we are.

One of my favourite runs on a Sunday morning is running to the Nordnes penisula overlooking the seafront and the main fairway to Bergen port. Then running on to the famous Bryggen on my way back. I love running in Bergen, because the city has short distances and running here gives a lot of variety in a short space of time.

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The Nordnes peninsula and the Port of Bergen – the site for this running route.

Distance: 5 km

This run takes you past some must see sites like Bryggen and takes you to the west part of town towards the peninsula at the seafront called Nordnes. At Nordnes you will find the beautiful Nordnes park that also is the home of the Nordnes Bad, a public swimming place for seafront and pool swimming in the summer.

Nordnes, Bryggen, fishmarket, Johannes Church, Nordnes park, Hanseatic trade, old traditional wooden homes, cobbled streets.
Running towards Nordnes, cobbled streets and wooden houses, Bergen, Norway.
Seaview from the Nordnes Park, at the main fairway to Bergen port, Norway.

You will get picturesque views of the main sailing route to the port of Bergen, and on your way back pass the famous UNESCO world site Bryggen, and the local fishmarket. Bryggen is a truly historic place situated in the port of Bergen.

Running with view of Bryggen, Mt Fløyen and Mt Ulriken in the port of Bergen.

Bryggen was the Norwegian trading centre since around year 1000. Historically Bergen was one of the most prominent trading cities in Europe together with London, Brugge and Novgorod, and was under the Hanseatic trade movement after 1350 which continued for 500 years. One reason Bergen was such an important port for export/import of goods was that foreign ships for a long time were not allowed to go North of Bergen. The historic Bryggen and its related museums are carefully kept to tell the tales. On this route you will run past Bryggen and see it from a distance where it lies at the waterfront beneath the Mt Fløyen. It is easy to make the route pass directly if you wish by simply following the waterfront past the Fishmarket around the bay and back.

Johanneskirken, The Johannes Church, Bergen Norway.

Route description:

From Festplassen start by making a round around the small lake to warm up, then head towards the Natural History Museum, an amazing building from 1866 that looks more like a castle on a hill than a museum. From here you also pass the red church on the hill called the Johannes Church.

Heading towards Nordnes, Bergen town centre, Norway.

Continue to the cobbled pedestrian street called Sydneskleiven, a cosy hill with old wooden homes that takes you downhill for a bit then continue behind the Theatre (DNS) and to Klostergaten.

Old protected treas in the Nordnes Park, Bergen Norway.

Head straight towards the Nordnes Park where you will reach the tip of the peninsula offering stunning seaviews. Make a few rounds in the park if you wish, ensure you run along the seafront before heading back through C.Sundtsgate taking you to the port of Bergen where you will see the view of Bryggen and reach the fishmarket. From here you return to your starting point.

Seafront view from the Nordnes Park, Bergen, Norway.
Running route to the Nordnes Park and Bryggen, Bergen, Norway.

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