Skiing is our favourite winter activity! Be it skitouring, nordic skiing, snowshoe hike or lift based skiing, we love it all!

Bergen does not usually offer stable snow conditions during winter. However there are usually plenty of options to go skiing if you are willing to travel just outside Bergen for 1-3 hours. Usually we go skiing every weekend, regardless of whether there is snow in Bergen.

However, when Bergen is blessed with snow our local area offers amazing skiing alternatives and becomes very beautiful covered in white. But one must be quick to enjoy snowfall in Bergen, on average it lasts only 2 days before the hot and humid air from the North Sea usually comes and melts it all. 

So if the snow falls in Bergen we try to drop everything and go skiing immediately!

Despite winter being the busiest time of the year for us we will try to share some of our trips with you here in our blog. 

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