Sailing in the fjords on the west coast of Norway and the fjords of Bergen is a great way to discover more about the coastal life. Old farming and fishing communities are scattered around in tiny bays, islands, and narrow fjords. The west coast has a maritime history and culture worth discovering by sea.

Sailing is a great way to be challenged, be outdoors, and at the same time discover new places. Getting around in a sailboat is great to combine with sightseeing, hiking, and exploring. So of course we love sailing. We try to do different sail experiences as often as we can.

Here we will tell you more about some of our sailing trips near Bergen. 


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From 1250 NOK

Mountain running in Bergen

Do you want to run in the mountains in Bergen, but do not know where to find the best running paths?
Go running with us! We will tailor the run according to your desired intensity, duration and level …

From 620 NOK

Running in Bergen

Go running with our local runner and personal trainer.
Customized routes depending on what the goal of the run is. Here sighseeing at the same time as running is possible. Length and intensity …

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