Fjord Exploring

Bergen is known as the gateway to the fjords and that is not without reasons. Bergen offers the perfect starting point for a trip to the fjords, and there are even plenty of opportunities to do daytrips starting and ending in Bergen.

Exploring the fjords can be done in many different ways, be it sea-to-summit hiking, fjordsafari, kayaking, boat cruise, by car, by bike or even with a sail-and-hike combination.

We have both grown up with sea and mountains, and love the variation the different kinds of fjordtouring gives. As a consequence we like to spend time exploring the fjords. Below you will find inspiration and be able to book activities. Stay tuned for more activities coming soon.

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Fjord Hiking

If you truly want to experience hiking by the fjords look here! It is possible to do fjord hiking on a daytrip from Bergen. We guarantee a hike that gives a real sea-to-summit feel and offers stunning views and scenery. We can meet you in or outside Bergen…

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