One of the best things about the Bergen area is the easy access to great hiking terrain. The town of Bergen is known to be surrounded by mountains, all easily accessible even if you live in town centre. It is possible to stay in Bergen for a week and hike a new summit every day.

Outside of Bergen there are unlimited opportunities, be it hiking by the fjords (fjordhiking), coastal hiking, or inland high mountain hikes. The terrain available ranges from steep and high summits to flatter coastal terrain far west by the North sea. Just take your pick.

We love hiking and has started to write about some of the hikes we do in order to share and inspire. 

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From 1050 NOK

On top of Bergen

This hike is a must-do if you want to get the most out of your visit to Bergen. It is a medium 2-3 hour hike away from the crowds with great views of Bergen and the surrounding area. We hike literally on top of Bergen…

From 1175 NOK

Bergen Classic

Join us on this legendary hike across the ‘Vidden’ plateau. The hike across Vidden can be done all year as long as the weather permits. The Vidden hike is loved by all local mountain enthusiasts and is suitable for very experienced hikers. ​

From 1431 NOK

Fjord Hiking

If you truly want to experience hiking by the fjords look here! It is possible to do fjord hiking on a daytrip from Bergen. We guarantee a hike that gives a real sea-to-summit feel and offers stunning views and scenery. We can meet you in or outside Bergen..

From 620 NOK

Running in Bergen

Go running with our local runner and personal trainer!
We customize the route of the run to each group/individual depending on what the goal of the run is. It is possible to go mountain running or city running. Here sighseeing at the same time as running is possible. Length and intensity …

From 1431 NOK

Fjord exploring

If you want to experience hiking or sightseeing by the fjords it is possible to customize a trip based on your wishes. Be it hiking or more exploring we may tailor a trip depending on availability. We usually meet in Bergen but may also meet you in Hardanger, Kvinnherad, or Voss area. 

From 1128 NOK

Snowshoe Hiking

Try something new, like an organized snowshoe hike in beautiful nature near Bergen. We provide snowshoes and poles, and plan the trip according to the snow conditions. Hiking with snowshoes require no previous experience, only that you are fit enough to do a normal hike in slightly uneven….

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