Skiing above Bergen town

Usually once or twice during winter Bergen gets a snowfall that lasts for at least a few days, or if we are lucky a couple of weeks. Amazingly the nearest skitrack is only 6 minutes away from the city via Fløibanene at the top of Mt Fløyen. This is one of the coldest areas near the city where it is often possible…


Vikedalsnebbet in Hardanger

Hardanger offers numerous options for what we call fjordhiking. This is a really enjoyable way to experience the landscape by the fjords while at the same time get some exercise and achievement. We try to seek out fjordhikes that gives impressive views and enjoyable hikes. One place that offers a great variety of routes and terrain is the plateau of summits above…


Hiking from sea to summit in Uskedalen

Uskedalen is located between Husnes and Rosendal, and lies right at the entry to the Kvinnherad alps. It being easily accessible by sea, it was the perfect destination for a weekend sailing trip from Bergen that we wanted to combine in a sail and hike trip. From Uskedalen there are several real mountains up to more than 1200 m.a.s.l to choose from:…


Fjordhiking in Fusa, a daytrip from Bergen

Last weekend we had a pretty and not too demanding fjord hike at Fusafjellet, approximatly 1,5 hour drive from Bergen. Starting at sea level is it a perfect sea to summit hike, that doesn’t have to take all day. If you want to make it a daytrip of hiking that is possible too, due to several different routes on this mountain. Fusafjellet…


Fra fjord til fjell i Rosendal

Perlen Rosendal kan by på vakre opplevelser og flotte turer fra fjord til fjell. Utallige fjell og fjorder finnes i områdene rundt Bergen, og det er i grunn bare å velge og vrake. Sør for Bergen finner man Kvinnherad kommune med Rosendal, en nydelig liten bygd ved fjorden omgitt av flere høye fjell med storslått utsikt. Rosendal kan nåes fra Bergen med…


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