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The Småpudden pedestrian bridge

Modern neighbourhoods near Damsgårdssundet, with Mt Ulriken in the back. Seen from the Småpudden bridge.

The Småpudden pedestrian bridge that crosses the Damsgårdssundet, and the area around Møhlenpris offers some scenic dock and mountain views. In addition you get sights of Mt Ulriken, Mt Løvstakken and Mt Fløyen in the background.

The view seen from standing at the Småpudden bridge looking towards west.

The area has industrial and maritime history, and is now an up and coming neighbourhood hosting a good mix of recreational areas, cafès, businesses, universities, and residents.

The view seen from standing at the Småpudden bridge towards east and Mt Ulriken in the distance.
Damsgårdssundet and the Småpudden pedestrian bridge, Bergen Norway.

The combination of the old maritime industrial history with the new architecture and modern buildings offers photogenic sights, especially on clear days.

Mt Fløyen, Mt Ulriken and Marineholmen can be seen from standing at the Småpudden bridge that crosses the Damsgårdssundet, Bergen, Norway.

For decades the area was marked by uncharming closed down maritime industry, but has in the recent years had is renaissance with developments of new buildings for residents and businesses, as well as ports for private boats. For many Bergensers it is the perfect area to live: by the sea, in walking distance to the city and the mountains.

A photogenic mix of old maritime industry and modern architecture. Here at Møhlenpris on the way to Småpudden and Damsgårdssundet.

The area recently got its own beach, using an old dry doc area to create the perfect city beach at Marineholmen. In addition there are now several bays for private boats.

The beach built on an old dry doc slope leading into the sea. Mt Ulriken in the back. The cafè Bergen Kaffe Brenneri to the left.


Summer sunset at the beautiful botanical gardens of the museum at Nygårdshøyden, Bergen Norway

Heading from central Bergen town towards Småpudden bridge and Møhlenpris you can make sure you pass the Nygårdshøyden and the Nygårdsparken.

The area is characterized by old massive oak trees and pretty architecture from the late 1800s and early 1900s with pretty, colourful buildings and nice patios and gardens.

The park at Nygårdsparken, Bergen, Norway, was inspired by parks in England and initiated by local doctors in the area in the late 1800s.
Parts of the residential buildings are almost inside the park Nygårdsparken at Nygårdshøyden in Bergen, Norway
Buildings from the late 1800s at Nygårdshøyden, Bergen, Norway.

The area is a great mix of the old architecture and gardens, with modern university buildings. An area well worth having a stroll around.

Nygårdsparken is beautifully built on inspiration from English parks at the start of 1900s. It is especially pretty in spring and autumn, and has small lakes with ducks and birds.

You might also find one of many street arts on your way.

Nygårdshøyden and Møhlenpris has quite a few streeet art paintings.


Views of the Nordnes peninsula, Mt Lyderhorn Mt Damsgårdfjellet, and the main fairway to the port of Bergen.

Stoltzekleiven is a very steep hill leading from Fjellveien up to Mt Sandviksfjellet. If you are an experienced hiker or have good fitness levels this photo spot might be something for you. The steep ascent up Stoltzekleiven to Sandvikspilen offers amazing views with a feeling of good height.

Views of the main fairway to the port of Bergen and the island Askøy in the background.

The views over Bergen port and town, and the main fairway for ships entering Bergen are just stunning, and offers a great overview of Bergen town centre and Sandviken.

The Storevatnet lake on a plateau behind the top of Stoltzekleiven at Sandviksfjellet, one of the seven summits of Bergen.

If you continue a few hundred metres further behind the edge of Stolzekleiven you will get to the Storevatnet lake. On clear days the summit of Mt Ulriken can be seen in the very far distance, with the iconic TV mast on top. It is possible to go swimming in Storevatnet, however there are no wardrobe or toilet facilities in the area.

The Sandvikspilen can be found near the top of Stoltzekleiven.

Mon Plaisir

The old temple like building from 1836, Mon Plaisir in Bergen, Norway.

At the north western end of Fjellveien, accessible from Bergen town centre, you will find an old temple like building named Mon Plaisir, built in 1836.

Standing at Mon Plaisir overlooking the main fairway to the port of Bergen, Norway.

From Mon Plaisir you will see Bergen from an angle where the old traditional wooden houses’ architecture come to show. The main fairway for ships to Bergen port, and the Askøy island can bee seen in the distance.

The typical old wooden houses in Sandviken, hovering over the port of Bergen.

You will walk through one of Bergens most affluent and sought after residential areas on your way to Mon Plaisir. When you see the view you understand why.

On the way to Mon Plaisir through Fjellveien in Bergen, Norway.

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